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Report from the 1st Donegal Chamber Music Festival 30th May- 1st June 2014

Report from the 1st Donegal Chamber Music Festival 30th May- 1st June 2014

The 1st Donegal Chamber Music Festival, held in Glenveagh and the Glebe Gallery, was a huge success. Four concerts were given over the course of the long weekend, and each was a delight for listener and player alike. The first and last concerts presented a variety of music from the classical repertoire spanning five centuries, and each of the four concerts contained a piece by the contemporary composer Vincent Kennedy, who also conducts the Donegal Youth Orchestra. Vincent gave illuminating introductions to his compositions ­ a bonus for the appreciative audiences. Guest artist in the Friday concert was the charming flautist Sarah Murphy, who excelled in both solo and ensemble performances. A surprising collaboration concluded the Saturday afternoon session in the auditorium of the Glenveagh Visitors Centre: the well-known Gweedore sean-nós singer Dominic Mac Giolla Bhríde sang a selection from his repertoire to the accompaniment of the Donegal Chamber Orchestra. These two very different worlds complemented and lifted each other in a wonderful blend.

Donegal Camerata String Quintet at Glenveagh Castle

This whole weekend of music did not happen out of the blue. Seven years of dedicated teaching and musicianship on the part of Victor Yelamo and his wife Orsolya have led up to this Festival in the beautiful setting of Glenveagh. Victor and Orsolya came to live in Donegal as a result of the establishment here of a Local Music Education Partnership (under the auspices of the former V.E.C., now E.T.B), which provides instruments and instrumental tuition across the county. Not content with teaching and playing at an international level ­ Victor and Orsolya play regularly with the celebrated Concerto Malaga ­ they have created other ensembles in Donegal. The Festival featured the Junior String Orchestra (which played in the courtyard of the Glebe Gallery in brilliant sunshine), the more advanced Donegal Chamber Orchestra and the fully professional Donegal Camerata String Quintet ­which brought the Festival to a joyous conclusion on the Sunday night. Thanks are due to the participants, the musicians, the audiences and all who facilitated the event.
Musicians and audience giving a warm ovation to Vincent Kennedy,
the featured composer of the 1st Donegal Chamber Music Festival

This 1st Donegal Chamber Music Festival was promoted by the Donegal Chamber Music Society (DCMS), an umbrella organization created in 2007 with the aim of fostering an appreciation of classical music in County Donegal. DCMS collaborates with other musical agencies, artists and workshops, and has been presenting regular monthly concerts in Letterkenny and elsewhere for the last three years. 


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